About CheckPoints 

As individuals recount crises they have overcome, along with life lessons  
they learned, Checkpoints reflects points that reflect “checks” in the lives of those who share their 
personal stories. Some contributors may communicate challenges they cope with to encourage readers 
not to give up when tough times challenge them. Others may seek advice for concerns 
they silently struggle to solve. Some share their "born again" experiences, as Bradley Martin, a 
newspaper editor reports, while “some are renewed; some struggle toward the Light”. Each 
person, however, finds that a better way may be found; regardless of circumstance. 

In response to the crises, challenges, and concerns readers express in Checkpoints, 
this weekly syndicated, overtly Christian newspaper column points readers toward God. 
Checkpoints reminds readers that God, as their Heavenly Father, provides the best source 
for strength and solace. He helps develop long-term solutions. 

shELAH, the author of Checkpoints, also relates relevant researched information, and 
words of life from the Bible to encourage readers to regularly check themselves at particular 
points in life. Checkpoints reminds readers that the best answers they need may ultimately 
only be found in seeking their Heavenly Father’s will first and foremost. In turn, they will 
know the peace that transcends circumstances. They will know the way to find love, light 
, and life. 

Readers may submit their submissions for consideration for Checkpoints to ybymedia.com.

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